"OF MY OWN DESIGN" - Interactive Album

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What Is "Of My Own Design"?

  • “Of My Own Design” is a 9-minute interactive album structured like an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. I wanted to create pieces of music that all fit together and told a story both musically and visually. It is up to you, the listener, to imagine and create the visual story. What do you see, hear, feel when you listen to these songs? What, who, where are the characters, and what is their purpose? I have ideas of what the scenes may look like and what’s playing behind them. I also have ideas of what the scenes are that don’t have music but lead-in and/or out of the ones that do. 
  • These songs are only smaller parts of the bigger picture. It’s your vision and creativity that will help bring the story to life. Think of these songs being held in abeyance waiting for a character to put them where they belong. When I’m scoring a new project or beginning to write something new, I always watch the film or inspiration video with the sound off. That way I’m not influenced by the already existing sound. With “Of My Own Design”, I’m flipping the roles and providing music without any scenes or visual storyline. However, photos (see below) will be included to help spark your creativity, but to use them is entirely up to you! 

Rules and Guidelines

Before we get started, I have a few rules/guidelines to go over: 

    • One of my favorite tools in storytelling: Dramatic Irony. WE KNOW SOMETHING THE CHARACTER(S) DON’T KNOW YET
    • LENGTH: Scene descriptions can be between 2 sentences and 2 paragraphs. Of course, if you wish to write more please do!
    • This is family-friendly so please no blatant nudity, offensive or destructive language, or themes that negatively target people. 
    • Last, but not least, let your imagination healthily go places it's never gone!

Let's Get Started!

  • Stream the album (to the right) and/or purchase the album on Bandcamp (click green button).
  • Pick your favorite song (or songs!) to write a short scene for. (LENGTH: between 2 sentences and 2 paragraphs)
  • Send scene descriptions to [email protected] with "Of My Own Design" as the subject line.
  • When you purchase the album you will receive the high res digital movie poster.


  • All descriptions will be posted back on this website to view at any time!
  • Announcements of new description submissions will be made on my Instagram @remystyrk

Cast of "Of My Own Design"

  • All cast and crew  members are individuals who donated towards the making of “Of My Own Design”. 


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What Others Are Saying About "Of My Own Design"

“I think this project is amazing and so creative. Totally on another level. When I listened to “A Ring Around The Moon”...I had straight up chills. It moved me.” - Casey Mo

“This is really such a cool idea and I’m so glad you’re doing it. Can’t wait to keep watching the whole project unfold!” - Kate Whitefield

Remy Stryk's "Of My Own Design" evokes a sense of melancholy and progressing uncertainty through textures of layers of tremolo orchestral strings accentuated with motifs of cello and bass.  Also cleverly using tempo rubato and piano, Remy is able to achieve momentary senses of solitude like blades of sunlight cutting through a deep, dark forest of melancholy signaling that life still exists. With the album's conclusion of 'A Green World', Remy achieves resolution after taking the listener through the experience of uncertainty with a crescendo of major chords. Brilliantly composed using techniques of dynamics and tempo with solo instruments to attain a surreal journey. - C.T. Thongklin

Wednesday MidDay Medley

Included in "The 120 Best Recordings of 2020"


Example Photos

All photos by Tom Styrkowicz

Remy scans_370_CHURCH PLAZA
Remy scans_374_GREEN FOREST
Remy scans_373_WOMAN ON TRAIN
Remy scans_372_WOMAN ON STREET
for REMY_2 women
Remy scans_369_MOUNTAIN
Remy scans_371_WATERFALL

Scene Description Submissions

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