"Boy" - Single

released: 11/5/20

The number of times someone or something washed my hands clean, stood me back up, and gave me another try is unmeasurable. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced death, drug addiction, anxiety, abandonment, disassociation, and pure fear. Some days are filled with 5 to 7 panic attacks. Others are quiet, however, a moment of “calm” from complete mental and physical exhaustion seems unbearable, almost more dangerous than a day of anxiety. 2020 has been a catalyst for me. Igniting everything I’ve been shoving under the bed and breathing life into a debilitatingly unpredictable fire. The biggest question every time I step outside my front door is, “will I make it back home alive today?”

The only thing I can do is write and talk through it. When I close my eyes at night I hear the voice yell to me “wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up boy”

“this is war”

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my angel caught me running

into a blind creation

she washed my hands and held me tight

now i toss and turn at night

they tell me “get over it”


they say “it ain’t real”

no light

shining down on me, on me

but i swear it’s all real for me


wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up boy

open, open, open up your door

fighting what we can’t see

bathe in the fear we bleed

this is war

this is war

on me, on me

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written by

remy styrk

produced by

remy styrk

recorded by

remy styrk

mixed by

Benjamin Soiefer

mastered by

Colin Bryson

music video

Craig Richard

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