Human Shaped Figures \\ a film by Remy Styrk

Written + Directed By

Remy Styrk

Scored By

Remy Styrk


Sep 2021


Reagan Flora

Deegan Poores

Tori Jonson

The word “Hyaline” means translucent. I’ve been thinking a lot about reincarnation and if there is such a thing. I think of reincarnation as the sudden awareness of what you’ve just lost. Like when you get a new car and not you’re aware of just how many other people have that same car. It’s that concept, just applied to a loss. I believe you are looking for the characteristics and mannerisms of the person you lost. It’s one thing to see their face, but to feel an emotion that they once made you feel is so much more powerful. I think we all grow back in one way or another through mannerisms, vocabulary, insignificant signifiers, and actions. We look for the similarities.


i am becoming hyaline

your fingers pass straight through my skin

as long as there’s light behind your eyes

child of tomorrow, no we will not die


we are spinning


i am becoming hyaline

my fingers pass straight through your skin

i wonder where i have been

child of tomorrow, can you forgive?


i am spinning

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